A Manure Barrel!

While Robin is in sunny, hot, and dry Arizona for the week, I told her that I would check up on Steen. I had a wonderful 4th of July weekend that involved multiple BBQs and nice bike rides, so on Sunday I was more than happy to take an easy ride out to see Steen… Read more »

Easy on the Eyes

Brian came with me to the stable again today. The sun was out and the day was beautiful so we seized the opportunity to take some new photos. Brian ventured into the pasture all by himself to get Steen, who seemed happy to see him. And what girl wouldn’t love to see her guy and… Read more »


Today Brian came with to the stable to hang out with Steen some more. He practiced leading Steen around the arena at both the walk and trot. They both did quite well, and it was very fun to get to stand back and watch Steen move. He’s just so pretty. Well, let’s be honest, they… Read more »