Steen the Teacher

Yesterday was our first Duke Day with Bear. It was also scheduled to be a bit of a potluck. We hung out with the other barn people and ate home-made cornbread and chili and enjoyed the beautiful day. I also hauled along our SLR instead of our usual point-and-shoot. Trims were uneventful. Steen was his… Read more »

One Day, Two Rides

Today I had a problem. Jean wanted to ride with me in the morning, and Brian wanted to ride with me in the afternoon. The only possible solution (much to Steen’s chagrin) was for me to ride twice. First I met Jean at the barn in the morning. We tacked up Steen and Schooley and… Read more »

A Trio for Three

Yesterday Brian and I headed for the barn again and pulled out boys from the pasture. Bear was his usual mellow self about being caught and brought indoors. We tied up in the aisle and had just a little bit of drama when he sniffed noses with a precocious filly. She ‘winked’ and squealed and… Read more »

Two for Two

We’ve had absolutely beautiful weather the last few days. This morning was no exception – cool, sunny, breezy. A perfect morning for a ride. Brian and I woke up and attended to the puppy we’re looking after for the weekend, then headed for the barn. We found Steen and Bear grazing happily (as usual) and… Read more »


Yesterday Brian and I headed to the barn in the afternoon. We arrived optimistically, with a bridle set up for Bear “just in case.” From up by the barn we can’t see the whole pasture, so we grabbed our two halters and headed out. We found Steen near the creek in the low part of… Read more »

Easter at the Barn

Today Brian and I logged some more good hours with Sham. Our main focus was emphasizing the concept that Sham needs to stay in his own space at all times, particularly when led. We started with groundwork outdoors, and at first were able to get some very calm leading and good yielding from him. Then… Read more »

Bits and Swirling Ropes

We’ve had lots of sun lately and some good long sessions at the barn. On Thursday Brian(!) caught Sham with little difficulty and we took him indoors. But Sham is still antsy inside and I took over with the handling again. We managed to groom him and tack him and then we went outside, where… Read more »