Thank Goodness for Small Victories

Today Brian and I returned to the barn after our spring break hiatus. It was sunny but windy, and we found things at least partially dried out after a week of relatively warm temps and low moisture. Our primary objective today was simple. Halter Sham. We had a strategy and a whole lot of time… Read more »

Grand Behavior

On Saturday, Dutch and Cathy (Brian’s parents) came to town. The primary reason for their trip was to meet Sham and reacquaint themselves with Steen. Brian and I headed to the barn, confident that after our wonderful Thursday everything would go smoothly. Unfortunately, such was not the case. A few things worked against us. First,… Read more »

Double Barn Day

I got back from the barn today and hung around the house for a bit. Then Brian got home, we piled back in the car and returned to the barn. The focus of trip two was Sham. Our plan was to at least put the bridle on and see how he responded. Our hope was… Read more »

Home Stretch

Today I took Brian’s new saddle to the barn. It’s just like mine, only black, and we think Sham will look pretty sharp showing it off. I adore mine. Hopefully Brian will like his, too The saddle was not the only reason I headed out there today. When I arrived I got a stall set… Read more »


Yesterday Brian and I went again to the barn in the afternoon and I gave my well-behaved Steen the day off. Brian and I once again focused on Sham and building positive experiences that involve us and going indoors. Yesterday, we had a great one. Sham left his afternoon snack to meet us at the… Read more »

Steen the Great

Both days this weekend Brian and I headed out to the barn in the morning. Yesterday things didn’t start off great. Sham decided to give us a bit of a run-around when we went out to catch him and we only succeeded in getting his halter on after coaxing him into the airlock with a… Read more »

Valentine’s Day at the Barn

This afternoon Brian and I headed for the barn again. We had a plan to do things a little differently than we did them yesterday. We arrived and went to get Sham out of the pasture. Sham recognized Brian immediately and walked from the round bale to where Brian waited. We thought that was a… Read more »

The Boys – Day 1

Today Brian and I went to the barn for our first time hanging out with our two horses together. First, we put them in the airlock for a meeting unimpeded by Brian and me. It’s pretty clear that Sham is not a submissive horse in any way (he’s already slotted himself into the top gelding… Read more »


Today, Brian, Steen and I all had new experiences. For Brian and I, it was a shared experience. We went to Catalpa Corner to watch the eventing. We had never been to a true eventing competition, so we found it very interesting. At first, we just walked around, staring at all the tall, athletic horses… Read more »