Indoor Lope

Brian and I headed out to the barn today with the intention of riding outside. But it was honestly kind of horrible out. Granted, it wasn’t raining. But it was chilly and windy. We walked to the pasture, Steen saw me and he literally came running for the gate. I brought him in to find… Read more »

Busy Barn Saturday

Brian and I headed to the barn early today, hoping to avoid any Saturday traffic. The place was empty when we arrived but that changed before we even got our horses inside. Another boarder arrived to ride her horse Daisy, the only other Paint in the pasture. We had some rain the last couple of… Read more »


We seem to be having our first truly warm day of the year. Brian and I woke up, saw that it was already in the 50’s, and headed for the barn. The plan was for Brian to ride Steen again and me to ride Bear bareback. Steen saw us arrive and made a b-line for… Read more »

No Miracles

Brian and I were both looking forward to seeing how Bear went in the new saddle again, so on Wednesday we went out for another ride. We brought both the boys in and I hopped on Steen bareback. Meanwhile Brian tacked up and did groundwork. Bear was great and we still had high hopes for… Read more »

Best Lesson Yet

I was definitely curious to see Brian ride in the bear trap again and Friday is lesson day, so even though I was battling the yawns this afternoon, I rallied and we headed out. Bear was in a funny mood to start. They’d put out new bales yesterday and Bear had clearly been gorging himself… Read more »