Steen in the Two-Rein

It’s been a little while since I rode Steen in the two-rein, and I feel like I’ve addressed a lot of the weaknesses riding in it last brought to light for me. On Tuesdays, I have my lessons with my student, J. She’s been riding with me for close to a year now, but we’ve… Read more »

More Time in the Two Rein

This weekend I decided to get back to the two-rein. I have been working on the things my last ride in it identified as weaknesses, and we’ve also watched a couple more videos about riding in the two-rein, hand position, bit fit and choice, and various other things that have made me feel increasingly confident… Read more »

First Ride in the Two-Rein

Today (after an excellent ride on Laredo) I rode Steen in the two-rein for the first time. It was definitely interesting. Steen took the spade willingly enough, but once he had it in his mouth he spit it out. I gave him a moment and put it in again, holding it in place gently with… Read more »