Sometimes I Just Want to Trot

I was out of town the last couple of days for work.  It involved a long van ride to Minneapolis, a night program talking to lots of people, staying up way past my bedtime drinking beer with some of my fellow travelers, a restless night’s sleep, and another long van ride back to Iowa City.… Read more »

Continual Improvement

Things just keep getting better.  Both with riding and with the weather.  I know, it means we’re probably due for some backsliding pretty soon, but I’m not going to dwell on that. Today Robin and I waited just a little while before heading out to the barn so we could enjoy the peak heat of… Read more »

I’m So Hot!!

Today got up into the 70s.  It felt nice to have less clothes on going to the barn.  And I really enjoyed the sun on my forearms.  Bear didn’t seem as thrilled as I was.  He was hot, tired, and probably a little hungry.  We also rode outside, and that seemed to lead to some… Read more »

Nice Weather

At least for the past two days.  The middle of the week was down right yucky.  I ended up giving Bear three days off because of the weather, and just general tireds on my part.  In fact, it was a little hard to get to the barn Friday afternoon because the week felt so long… Read more »

Working with Rojo

Over Thanksgiving Robin and I got out to Southern Arizona for a week to visit her family.  As always, it was a really good time.  And we definitely spent a lot of time with the horses.  For the past few visits I’ve been working on getting a little closer to Rojo, my mother-in-law’s red Missouri… Read more »

Alone Again

It felt like a long week, and when Friday afternoon rolled around both Robin and I were quite tired.  As soon as I got home from work I dressed for the barn and started to go.  I knew if I sat I wouldn’t make it out.  Robin was tied up in computer stuff and not… Read more »

A Sluggish Sunday

Sometimes I can get a little tired on weekend days.  I think I end up sitting around a little too much and drinking coffee longer than I should.  Usually getting out in the fresh air gets me going again, but it didn’t today, despite the gorgeous weather.  It was just like yesterday, only not quite… Read more »