Indian Summer

Yesterday was the first of October, and while the temperatures only got up into the mid 60s, the horses were hot.  Their dark, fuzzy, winter coats have been coming in for weeks now.  Little do they know most of next week will be in the 70s, and possibly even the 80s. On Saturday I had… Read more »

Big Hills and Soft Feels

We received a couple of the photos from our friend Jean.  They are definitely nice, but I somehow didn’t think they would look so much like horse glamour shots. Maybe it is just that I haven’t had a professional style shoot in many, many years. We do look pretty sharp in them.  It is extra… Read more »

Short Serpentines

Today was cloudy and somewhat cool.  When we walked out to the pasture all the horses were out of sight except Bear, who was tucked into a corner of the windblock.  When he heard our voices he turned around to look at us. After watching for a few moments he wandered over to me while… Read more »