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I think we have decided on a name for the new girl. At the moment we’re leaning towards calling her Zoey. We tried it out today and it seemed pretty natural. So for the moment, Zoey it is.

We got the barn and attended to our sick ponies first. We gave Bear his meds and checked his temp. He was at 102°, but it was also really hot out (over 90°), so we weren’t sure if that was accurate. Zoey needed her meds too, and she happened to be alone in the feed lot when we arrived. We shut her in and proceeded to work on catching again. Today it took 9 minutes. Not too bad, all thing considered.

She was once again happy to eat her meds. Her rump is looking pretty good. It’s a little less swollen today, and all the stitches are holding. So that is excellent. Again, we didn’t really do anything with her other than pets and meds.


We then brought Steen and Laredo in, tacked up, and went out to the strip. We started out just working on various exercises. It was hot and windy, and Steen was good but not highly energetic. We rattled through our usual stuff, and watched Brian and Laredo some. From there I went up and down the strip a few times. The comfort zone issues were absent today. It’s the heat. Steen is always particularly docile when it’s hot.

We did some trotting and loping, he was great. I worked on holding collection at various gaits while steering with my legs and seat. He was ok with this, although it’s something we still need to work on. In reality it’s more my problem than his. I get so focused on what my hands are doing I can sometimes lose track of my hips, which makes him stutter.

After a while we played cow with Brian and Laredo. This went very well. Steen was stopping well enough, but his turns were awesome. He was rocking back on his haunches and moving his front end over like nobody’s business. Brian and Laredo were doing really well too, so it was quite a fun thing to work on.

At the end of the ride we let them graze for a bit. Not that they need the calories…

At the end we brought Bear in and took his temp again. He came back at 100.8°, so that was better. The vet did send off his bloodwork, but we haven’t heard anything back. So it’s still anyone’s guess what’s up with him.

Ride Time: 1:15
Horseback Hours YTD: 57:25

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I like Zoey!