Horse Thoughts

Solo Lope

A few weeks ago Robin gave me Steenblog rights because I was starting to get out to the stables on Tuesdays for “guys night” (which mostly includes Steen and I). The first outing was not so great as it was the day after Steen got his teeth floated. The second outing was a little bit… Read more »

A Week Off

It hasn’t been the greatest stretch as far as me getting to the barn goes. Last Wednesday Jesse and I went out again, but it was pouring down rain, Steen was really wet and really muddy, and the (new and scary) sound of the downpour on the aluminum roof of the indoor arena had him… Read more »

Time Off

I was out of town for a few days, so after a brief bareback ride on muddy, wet Thursday during which Steen was so relaxed it was almost comical, he got a number of days off. Tuesday found me back at the barn with my visiting brother in tow. We went down to the pasture… Read more »


Yesterday the farrier came to the barn to work on feet, and a boarder’s son turned two, so we had a grand old foot-trimmin’, food-eatin’ get-together. I was a little worried that Steen’s ruffled nerves over the vet visit would affect his behavior with the farrier since such care-givers operate in the same part of… Read more »

Visits, Rides and Vets

Last week wrapped up with some exciting goings on for Steen. I rode again Thursday morning, outdoors with a saddle. It was a very crisp morning, and there was a good deal of activity around the barn. Steen, however, was perfectly well-behaved, jogging nice and slow on a loose rein the whole time. After our… Read more »


Last week was a sparse one as far as horse-time goes, but my mom did get to come out to meet and ride Steen, so that was excellent. They seemed to get along well. After my week of traveling, visitors, extra-long hours at the gallery and some impromptu night-time socializing, I threw a sleepless night… Read more »