Horse Thoughts


When we woke up this morning, it was 30 degrees out, which is about what we’ve come to expect here this spring. So, I let things warm up as much as possible and was pleased to note that the sun was at least shining when I arrived at the barn. I went to get Steen… Read more »


Today I arrived at the barn and did something I hadn’t done for a while. Instead of going to Steen’s stall, I went out to the mud-lot. There I found Steen, rather dirty but seeming quite at home. As soon as he saw me, he left the hay he was eating and came straight to… Read more »


A couple of days ago a horse at my barn died of colic. This horse happened to be Steen’s best buddy in the stall-horse herd. Yesterday I went out for a ride, and Steen’s behavior made me wonder (as I often do) at how closely horse emotion can be related to human emotion. It is… Read more »


Well, it happens to all of us from time to time. Yesterday, due to a string of fairly unintelligent choices on my part, I fell off my horse. It was my first fall indoors, and I must say plopping off into the deep sand of an indoor arena is not bad at all. Also, as… Read more »

Weathering the Winter

My barn average is definitely down the last few weeks. For one thing, I’ve been working a lot, and for another I’ve discovered that days where the high is less than 5 degrees, the trip just isn’t worth it. Even going bareback doesn’t help on such days. It is just too cold to be bearable,… Read more »

A Winter Ride: In Numbers

degrees above zero when I left the house this morning: 11 articles of clothing worn: 17 miles from my house to the barn: 15 other people at the barn: 0 horses loose in the aisle when I arrived: 1 seconds it took for the unheated toilet to steal all my saved body warmth: .025 utensils… Read more »


Although I spent the holidays in Tucson and did a fair bit of riding both Jak and Rojo, I have definitely noticed that working with other people’s horses just isn’t nearly as great as working with my own. I missed Steen actively, just about daily, the whole vacation. After about two weeks away, I was… Read more »

Winter at the Barn

It has definitely taken me a little while to adjust to riding in the winter here. I got very used to my long, leisurely trips out the barn, taking my time with grooming, groundwork, riding and then lounging outside in the green and the sun while Steen grazed. Lately, the temperatures have not been at… Read more »

Holey… Horse?

I have been making it out to the barn more consistently again lately, though not as much as I was managing in the summer. For one thing, the cold hurts a little, and for another, vitzy’s has actually kind of been booming, which is great in many ways, but does cut into my horse time.… Read more »