Horse Thoughts

One Year In

Saturday was spring-vet day. Steen got his vaccinations, and was exceptionally well-behaved for the vet, always nice, particularly since many of the other horses at the barn are a far cry from easy to handle. This weekend was also the one-year anniversary of my purchase of Steen. I’d say it has been a pretty satisfactory… Read more »

Spring Cleaning

Today the quality of my time at the barn made me think repeatedly of a comment my friend Katherine made when I brought her out to meet Steen last summer. At one point I handed her a hair-brush and asked if she wanted to tackle the snarls in Steen’s mane. After a few strokes she… Read more »


When we woke up this morning, it was 30 degrees out, which is about what we’ve come to expect here this spring. So, I let things warm up as much as possible and was pleased to note that the sun was at least shining when I arrived at the barn. I went to get Steen… Read more »


Today I arrived at the barn and did something I hadn’t done for a while. Instead of going to Steen’s stall, I went out to the mud-lot. There I found Steen, rather dirty but seeming quite at home. As soon as he saw me, he left the hay he was eating and came straight to… Read more »


A couple of days ago a horse at my barn died of colic. This horse happened to be Steen’s best buddy in the stall-horse herd. Yesterday I went out for a ride, and Steen’s behavior made me wonder (as I often do) at how closely horse emotion can be related to human emotion. It is… Read more »


Well, it happens to all of us from time to time. Yesterday, due to a string of fairly unintelligent choices on my part, I fell off my horse. It was my first fall indoors, and I must say plopping off into the deep sand of an indoor arena is not bad at all. Also, as… Read more »

Weathering the Winter

My barn average is definitely down the last few weeks. For one thing, I’ve been working a lot, and for another I’ve discovered that days where the high is less than 5 degrees, the trip just isn’t worth it. Even going bareback doesn’t help on such days. It is just too cold to be bearable,… Read more »

A Winter Ride: In Numbers

degrees above zero when I left the house this morning: 11 articles of clothing worn: 17 miles from my house to the barn: 15 other people at the barn: 0 horses loose in the aisle when I arrived: 1 seconds it took for the unheated toilet to steal all my saved body warmth: .025 utensils… Read more »


Although I spent the holidays in Tucson and did a fair bit of riding both Jak and Rojo, I have definitely noticed that working with other people’s horses just isn’t nearly as great as working with my own. I missed Steen actively, just about daily, the whole vacation. After about two weeks away, I was… Read more »