Horse Thoughts

Soggy Ground

We’ve been getting more rain here. Unfortunately, rain means a soggy outdoor arena, and to preserve the grass out there, barn rules tell us to ride indoors when it is wet. I left work on Wednesday feeling a little bummed about this. The indoor arena is not bad – it is just smaller, dustier, less… Read more »


Well, it’s now been three months since Steen came into my life and although he’s still a long ways from dead broke, he’s a more and more relaxing horse to be around every day. His ground manners are approaching excellent, and everything else is slowly improving as well. Lately we have been doing an exercise… Read more »


Moisture, I’ve concluded, is a mixed bag. Sure, water brings life – but is it always desirable life? In Arizona, our horses can’t get all their food from grass grown in their very own pastures, but they also aren’t constantly battling parasites. Here in the midwest, everything is wet and rich and the environment is… Read more »

Grand Visitors

Steen and I had to part ways for quite a while while I took a trip to Arizona via Chicago and Brian’s sister’s wedding on the way back. Luckily, Brian stepped up to the plate and went to visit our poor lonely horse twice while I was gone. Cathi also brought Steen in from the… Read more »

A Manure Barrel!

While Robin is in sunny, hot, and dry Arizona for the week, I told her that I would check up on Steen. I had a wonderful 4th of July weekend that involved multiple BBQs and nice bike rides, so on Sunday I was more than happy to take an easy ride out to see Steen… Read more »


Today I spent several hours at the stable with Steen. It is windy today, and that had him a bit riled up. Also, I can tell I haven’t been spending as much time with him lately. He was just a bit more inclined to be fussy today than he has been in a while, although… Read more »


I have been having some trouble with Steen’s saddle – mainly as his shape changed with his new lifestyle of working out a lot and unlimited access to fresh grass, it stopped fitting him correctly. I have been reading and researching and think I’ve found a way to fix the problem, which required the purchase… Read more »