Horse Thoughts

The Roland Report

We’ve had some very positive changes around the farm and are making some good headway with Roland.

Making Cinches

When my friend K picked up her horse Roland about a year ago, he was a super skinny four-year-old who was taking his time to mature. The times I rode him last summer, I used the itty bitty cinch I used when I was starting Piper. When I started to prepare for riding Roland again… Read more »

Steen and the Big Field

It’s been a good summer of riding so far. Steen and I have been getting out and exploring lately.

Borrowing Fitz

Today Fitz and I had a solo ride for the first time ever.

The Year of Slow

It’s been a slow year of transition with us and having the horses in a new space.

Finding new tricks

When we first moved the horses last year, I was very pleased to find that Steen was bombproof at the new place. He was happy to truck around the unfamiliar spaces and up for anything I threw at him. This was after I’d scarcely even seen him for six weeks due to COVID. He had… Read more »

A New Project

In 2020, just about every major aspect of our lives changed in some dramatic way. And that made the year feel weirdly static. Forward wasn’t really on the table. We were just trying to get back to a place of stability. Moving our small herd to a piece of land that had never previous housed… Read more »

What Doesn’t Kill You

2020. What else is there to say? It’s been a year of change for everyone. In our case, we adjusted decently well to the new restrictions put in place by the pandemic and threw ourselves head first into the work of building a new space for the horses on our friends’ land. As of early… Read more »

A Big Change

2020 has been full of surprises for a lot of people. And we are no exception. Living through a pandemic is an intense experience. Like nearly everyone not on the front lines, I find myself bouncing between horror and gratitude, fear and boredom, frustration and uncertainty. I have felt impotence over my inability to influence… Read more »