Horse Thoughts

Oh hai 2019!

Well. It’s 2019. We are 1.5 months in and wow. It’s been a doozy. I think I can safely say I have spent less time with horses in the last eight weeks than at any point since I purchased Steen. The only other time that even comes close to comparing was my honeymoon, when Brian… Read more »

Nagging Legs

Horses can learn to lean on nagging leg pressure, leading to a need for habitual shoring up by the rider.

Piper Goes Home

It goes without saying that we get attached to our horses. In the past, when we’ve taken in projects with the intention of giving a horse a tune-up or filling in some gaps in their education, we’ve always managed to complete that process in a year or less. That’s a short enough time that while… Read more »

Why I’m breaking up with Instagram

After years of happily publishing on my favorite social media platform, Instagram’s invasive ads have wrecked the platform for me. So I’ve built a new home on the web for all my old posts.

Palate Cleanser

Between moving thisĀ  blog from Google’s servers onto my own WordPress install and (somewhat ironically, I suppose) working through the process of backing up thousands of my old photos in my Google account, lately I am inundated with photos of the past. It is weird to see old shots of myself on Steen where both… Read more »