Horse Thoughts

Easy on the Eyes

Brian came with me to the stable again today. The sun was out and the day was beautiful so we seized the opportunity to take some new photos. Brian ventured into the pasture all by himself to get Steen, who seemed happy to see him. And what girl wouldn’t love to see her guy and… Read more »

Going Strong

In spite of the massive flooding that has shut down much of Iowa City, I made it out to Steen today. I have cut back some on the frequency of my visits, but Steen stays responsive and friendly. Today Steen stood (albeit nervously) while I sprayed him with a water bottle – so very good… Read more »


This week was certainly the most horseless one I’ve had since my purchase of Steen a month and a half ago. When I arrived at the stable on Saturday, my main goal was to do some ground work and attempt to take a step in the right direction in getting him used to the spray… Read more »

A Lag, and Mud

Early this week I let Steen go two days in a row without seeing me – something I had not yet done since I bought him. I could have gone on Monday, but I just didn’t feel like getting in the car and driving out there after work. I figure the whole point of having… Read more »


Yesterday my friend Katherine accompanied me to the stable. She was curious to meet Steen and excited to get out on such a nice day, so we took the scenic route out there and then I showed her around. She hasn’t been around horses much since her childhood, but Steen was very polite and clearly… Read more »

Horse-Eating Fly Spray

Yesterday was a busy day. I woke up and hung out with Brian for a while, then said good-bye and headed for the stable so I could get a ride in before work. Shortly thereafter, he left to spend a few days in Kansas. I arrived at the barn just after a significant thunderstorm had… Read more »


Yesterday after I got home from the gallery I had some web work to do, so I stayed at the house a little later than usual before heading out to the stable. As I have mentioned, the later I get there, the higher my chances of running into other people. Heather pulled in shortly after… Read more »

Settling In

Meryl stayed one week and in that time she helped me make a lot of progress with Steen. Yesterday I went out alone for the first time in many days and we had a very mellow, enjoyable ride. He is getting friendlier, and quirkier with the little things he does when I’m not riding him.… Read more »