Swollen Ankles

While I was grooming Bear at the hitching post he was very fidgety.  It was a warm day and I have no doubt the bugs were the culprit.  But there could have been more.  While going over his legs I noticed that the area just above his hind ankles was rather swollen.  They did not… Read more »

Making Use of the Mecate

Saturday morning was cooler than Friday afternoon, so we decided to get an early start and head out to the barn.  The guys were hanging out together right near the gate.  They also seemed very relaxed and happy to see us. As the hay is still drying on the strip we again rode in the… Read more »

Stop Bugging Me

Today was hot, muggy, and buggy.  And Bear was not happy about it at all.  Thankfully he was happy to see me, and he came up to me in the pasture again.  He was probably hoping I would be able to get rid of the bugs, and when I couldn’t really do that, he didn’t… Read more »

Continuing to Trot

The pasture horses got some nice, dry bales of hay.  When I went out to get Bear he was standing with his side up against a bale, and he was covered in hay.  I wish I took a picture of it.  When he saw me coming he took a half-hearted bite out of the bale… Read more »