Horse Thoughts

A Lope

The weather forecast predicted rain in the afternoon, so I headed for the stable this morning. Naturally, it started raining when I was about a quarter of a mile away. Luckily, this doesn’t matter since I can do everything I need to do inside, including riding, though I really hope to start using the outdoor… Read more »

Leaps and Bounds

Fortunately, only figurative ones. Yesterday was another good ride. I went out in the morning before work and Steen was still mostly clean in the spots I’d manged to get mud-free yesterday, so grooming wasn’t too much of a challenge. I tacked him up but left the bridle off this time and attached my 12… Read more »


Today when I arrived at the barn there was someone else riding in the arena. Of course, other people who board there have every right to ride in the arena, but this meant I couldn’t tack Steen up in the corner like I’ve been doing. So, instead I took him to the area near the… Read more »

Tuesday Blues

It’s a beautiful Tuesday, but I had to spend the afternoon with horses other than Steen – the ones I get paid to hang out with. It probably doesn’t hurt to give him a day off now and then anyway…

Giddy Up

Today when I got to the barn I put my saddle and pad in the arena near where I’ve been working on teaching Steen to stand, telling myself that whether or not I used them today, he needed to get used to having them around. Then I went out to the pasture to get my… Read more »

One Step Forward

Today, I will admit, I didn’t entirely feel like going out to the stable. I was a bit groggy this afternoon and more interested in a nap then two 20 minute drives sandwiched around a frustrating session with a poorly behaved horse. But, I know the more time I can spend with Steen right now… Read more »

Patience is a Virtue

A bit of a rough day with Steen yesterday. I went out to the barn all excited because I had my saddle and I was going to ride. I got Steen out of the pasture with only the usual difficulties – ie, not letting other people’s horses out while fetching mine. They were back in… Read more »

New Gear

This morning Steen and I had a very good session. Last night, I made him a rope halter and today when I put it on him I felt like it helped a lot with communication. I felt he was a lot more responsive in the arena and that he focused on me a lot more… Read more »

Ground Work

Today Steen came to me as I approached again, even though he was in a lush, grassy pasture because the mud is finally drying out. We walked up to the barn and he got a little balky at the sight of the hitching post, but I coaxed him into the barn and let him loose… Read more »

Day Off

Unfortunately, I had my other stable to tend to today, so will have to wait until tomorrow to hang out with my own horse again.