Horse Thoughts


Today when I arrived at the barn there was someone else riding in the arena. Of course, other people who board there have every right to ride in the arena, but this meant I couldn’t tack Steen up in the corner like I’ve been doing. So, instead I took him to the area near the… Read more »

Tuesday Blues

It’s a beautiful Tuesday, but I had to spend the afternoon with horses other than Steen – the ones I get paid to hang out with. It probably doesn’t hurt to give him a day off now and then anyway…

Giddy Up

Today when I got to the barn I put my saddle and pad in the arena near where I’ve been working on teaching Steen to stand, telling myself that whether or not I used them today, he needed to get used to having them around. Then I went out to the pasture to get my… Read more »

One Step Forward

Today, I will admit, I didn’t entirely feel like going out to the stable. I was a bit groggy this afternoon and more interested in a nap then two 20 minute drives sandwiched around a frustrating session with a poorly behaved horse. But, I know the more time I can spend with Steen right now… Read more »

Patience is a Virtue

A bit of a rough day with Steen yesterday. I went out to the barn all excited because I had my saddle and I was going to ride. I got Steen out of the pasture with only the usual difficulties – ie, not letting other people’s horses out while fetching mine. They were back in… Read more »

New Gear

This morning Steen and I had a very good session. Last night, I made him a rope halter and today when I put it on him I felt like it helped a lot with communication. I felt he was a lot more responsive in the arena and that he focused on me a lot more… Read more »

Ground Work

Today Steen came to me as I approached again, even though he was in a lush, grassy pasture because the mud is finally drying out. We walked up to the barn and he got a little balky at the sight of the hitching post, but I coaxed him into the barn and let him loose… Read more »

Day Off

Unfortunately, I had my other stable to tend to today, so will have to wait until tomorrow to hang out with my own horse again.

Baby Steps

Steen came to me from across the pasture when he saw me at the gate today, and has no trouble leaving the other horses, but still gets very agitated if I tie him up for more than a few minutes (unless there is another horse tied next to him, in which case, he is fine).… Read more »


Today Steen came into my life. The last horse I owned was Blue, a quarterhorse mare we purchased when I was about 12. Blue and I usually rode with my friend, Dale and her horse, Molly. Dale was an adult, but was kind enough to put up with me for riding partner. We’d go all… Read more »