Playing Cow

Windy and Dry

It was not the most enticing weather today: bright but hazy, with crazy winds. But it was at least warm, and when we got to the barn we got to meet the new baby that arrived during the night. The mare, Jackie, has been unbelievably big for weeks. She seems a lot happier with her… Read more »

Feeling Good

Again we got out to the barn early in the morning.  And it was pretty cold.  This week it got really nice, but we were busy with work stuff.  So this morning’s 11 degrees felt pretty chilly. Thankfully the pasture has improved some.  It is still full of frozen lumps, but they are more rounded… Read more »

Steen vs the Gate

I have been a bit lame about blogging because our barn trips have really fallen off. I’m trying to wrap up a bunch of work before we escape to Arizona for a couple of weeks, and it’s been cold. Not super duper horrible cold, but just cold enough that it’s easy to talk yourself out… Read more »

Back to Normal

Yesterday was Brian’s birthday. We both took the day off work and made time for a nice long barn trip in the afternoon. I was pleased to find Steen didn’t run to me the moment I appeared at the barn. While I do like that our horses come to us, with Steen you can gauge… Read more »

Birthday Ride!

Yesterday was my birthday.  I took the day off work so I could fully enjoy it.  I had a leisurely morning of opening gifts, drinking coffee and eating a nice breakfast.  Then I had a hard workout and even squeezed in a short nap.  In the afternoon we went out to the barn before going… Read more »

The Mid-Week Rides

This week was warm, dry, and sunny, and I got out to the barn everyday except Thursday.  On Monday we spent so much time with Steen we didn’t end up riding, but I got some nice rides on Bear the other days. Tuesday was a fun ride.  We played cow again with Robin on Laredo. … Read more »