tree pasture

Return to the Trees

One of the peculiarities about where we board is that (other than the indoor arena) there is nowhere that’s guaranteed to be available to ride in any given day. There are plenty of places you can usually┬áride, but between moving herds, changing seasons, farm equipment, and various other factors, if you want to ride outside… Read more »

Getting Soft

We’ve had Laredo two months now, and he’s settling in quite nicely. He walks up to meet us in the pasture. He’s accepting of most touching on the ears and head. Getting the fly mask on and off is no problem, and Brian has been slipping the bridle off after riding. Laredo’s also really changing… Read more »

More Rides with Mom

Monday and Tuesday we had two more rides in the tree lot. On Monday Mom, Brian and I all rode together again and managed to get this shot via the tried and true fencepost method. The light’s not great but it’s fun to see all our three horses with riders. During the ride Steen was… Read more »

All Three

My mom is in town for a visit. Since Brian got the 4th of July off, we headed for the barn first thing in the morning with the intention of riding all three of our horses simultaneously for the first time. We rode in the tree pasture, both to take advantage of the shade and… Read more »