Chilly Sunday

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Today we got buckets of rain. While it was raining, it stayed relatively warm but after the storm passed temps began to plummet. We headed out to the barn in the early evening because we knew at the very least Steen would uncomfortable.

He was. He met us at the gate, nickering and shivering. We took all three guys inside, although Bear and Laredo were not at all uncomfortable. We turned them out in the indoor, where Steen immediately rolled about eight times then started rearing. Total dork:

We toweled them all down, moved them around a bit to get them dry, gave them all a snack and put them back out. We’re not supposed to get any more rain tonight, so I’m sure even the delicate Steen will be fine.

Woh! Hey, look at you reading this entire post!

That's a bit of an accomplishment in our attention-deficient age. Kinda makes me wonder if you like to read things that are even longer than blog posts? Like ... books?

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