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Bear and I have been enjoying the open spaces of fall.  We are still riding primarily on the strip, but with the soybean field nearby all mowed, it makes it easy to venture out a short ways or a medium long ways.  So I have taken to exploring on Bear a little more.  Just the two of us.

It has been very relaxing.  For so long I would take comfort from other horses and riders when we would go out on the trails, but lately Bear and I have been moving together really well, so it is fun to just poke around and see what we see.  Bear is very relaxed on these little forays, and it doesn’t matter if we’re doing a slow walk, working on our faster walk, or moving at a nice trot.  He’s great for all of it.

Today we went out into the fields more than we have been lately.  Robin was on the strip doing groundwork with Steen, so if we were going to go anywhere, it was going to be by ourselves.

So we warmed up on the strip like we usually do, and then we went up and down the hills in the soybean fields and down the drainage, over to the second strip a few times.  We were mostly moving at the trot, and Bear was great with this.  Sometimes I will have a hard time keeping him in a nice, steady trot, but lately this has been getting better.  I have not been working on it specifically, I think it is just one of those things that is coming around through working on other things like speeding up our walk or getting nice circles or doing figure eights with no hands or whatever.  It all seems to come together, and I love when I get results on the things I’m not working on. 

The good news is that Steen is moving nicely.  We are also going out of town this weekend for a Martin Black clinic.  We found out he would be at a barn near my parents house.  Normally he is so far away from us, so we had to go check it out.

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