new horse

A New Project

In 2020, just about every major aspect of our lives changed in some dramatic way. And that made the year feel weirdly static. Forward wasn’t really on the table. We were just trying to get back to a place of stability. Moving our small herd to a piece of land that had never previous housed… Read more »

Summer, Take II

It’s the end of August, and somehow my brain thinks summer is just starting. I suspect said brain is going to be disappointed in the near future when I have to start wearing layer upon layer of clothing to comfortably go outside, and riding is once again done in a large, frigid building. On the… Read more »

Spreading the Fever

On Wednesday, we had a fun job. Our barn owner asked us to be there when K’s new horse arrived so we could oversee her introduction to the herd. We headed out a little early, said hi to all our ponies, then rode Steen and Laredo. Both the guys were great. They were fat and… Read more »

Another Girl

Today, we bought a horse. Yes. Another one. It was kind of an accident. The plan was to just go visit the breeder we got Laredo from, and see what he had in terms of unstarted two-years-olds. The plan was we’d look them over and hang out with them a little, and then maybe go… Read more »