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We’ve had heat, but today Brian and I managed to get up and to the barn early enough to have a nice ride. Steen was an absolute model citizen all day. I don’t know if he was just happy to see me after a few days off or what, but he was a total doll. After I got his saddle on he was so eager to get the bridle on that he was trying to shove his face into the headstall before I could put his halter down.

Out on the strip, he stood while I mounted and had a slightly difficult time picking up my right stirrup. We walked up and down the strip a few times and then Brian and I decided to warm up with the routine. We went through it a few times and Steen was pretty much perfect. He was willing to trot faster or slower when I asked (to keep pace with Bear), and he was quite calm about the whole thing.

We worked on the routine for about half an hour, then called it quits. Brian loped Bear for a few minutes, then I did the same. Steen was excited to take off at first, but I made him wait and he settled into a nice trot. When I asked for the lope he moved right into it and then gave me a very relaxed circle, bending nicely the whole way around. We went left for a while and then switched directions. Going right he was so relaxed I was able to completely give him his head. He kept going in a nice relaxed circle. I then got him to trot, then walk, with only verbal commands. And all this after almost a week off. He’s been such a joy to ride lately. Hopefully we’ll get some nicer weather here soon so I can get out there a bit more consistently.

Horseback hours YTD: 48:20

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