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We delivered Elsa to her new home on Tuesday. After having her for two weeks, it was definitely a bit hard to say good-bye. But the home we found seems like it will be perfect for her. She’ll have another Border Collie to play with, and a person who did herding with her previous Border Collie and might get some sheep again to keep the dogs entertained.

We decided not to keep her mainly because I was having a lot of eye irritation after her introduction to the house. We tried it for a week but after that I concluded I was just too uncomfortable. Maybe if I didn’t work from home it would have been different, but not only is she a house dog, but the sort of dog that wants to be as close to you as possible every minute of the day. Her constant presence left me without any escape from the hair and dander. We will miss her though. It’s amazing how quickly you can get attached to a good dog.

Between the extra attention and time Elsa needed and my over-full client roster, the barn got bumped off my list of regular activities for a while. The weather has been disappointing as well, which didn’t help motivate me when I did have some free time. But with Elsa off at her new place and spring right around the corner, I’m hopeful my barn time will increase again soon.

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