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Today, we bought a horse.

Yes. Another one.

It was kind of an accident. The plan was to just go visit the breeder we got Laredo from, and see what he had in terms of unstarted two-years-olds. The plan was we’d look them over and hang out with them a little, and then maybe go back in the fall and pick one out.

I guess we should have known better. Things did not go according to plan. This morning we purchased this little girl:

When we sent Bear to Miracles in Motion, we thought Brian might click with either Oliver or Aiden and take one of them into the role of his primary horse. But while they’re both really super nice horses, neither one has started to feel like ‘his.’

So, he’s going to start from scratch. This filly is (kind of) broke to lead, and she’s had her feet handled a little, but that’s all she knows. We bought her so fast because the breeder intended to send her to a trainer in the next month or two, and we really want to do the whole thing this time.

She’s going to stay with the breeder for another few months. We’ll bring her to our place when we get either Oliver or Aiden sold.

More pics and info about the parents on Brian’s blog.

Woh! Hey, look at you reading this entire post!

That's a bit of an accomplishment in our attention-deficient age. Kinda makes me wonder if you like to read things that are even longer than blog posts? Like ... books?

If so, you're definitely our kind of person. Which means you might enjoy a horse-centic read? Click here to read a free sample of, A Man Who Rides: a novel about horsemanship and love.

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I think you might have a problem. ๐Ÿ™‚ She's pretty cute though.

I was kinda hoping you'd hang on to Oliver until next summer, although I've got no idea if I'd actually be able to take another horse by then either. Tranikla is still ride-able, but I think he's going to be walk-trot and mellow trail rides from here on out. (Going to get a second opinion from the vet at some point.) Just gotta keep in mind that there will always be other horses. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways, good luck!


Depending on how some things work out, we may be able to take on another horse in the not-to-distant future. If things start looking good, and you still have Oliver, I may take you up on coming out to meet him. He seems like he'd be good at what I want to do (mostly trail ride and gymkhana/fun-show type stuff). Or, be a good "boyfriend horse", and I can ride Trekker more. ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to have a vet look at Tranikla before I make any decisions though. I'll probably keep doing light rides on him (unless the vet tells… Read more ยป

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~

Good luck with your colt.


Is there a 12-step program for roan addiction? ๐Ÿ™‚ She looks so sweet.