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It’s been a really busy 10 days or so. For the first week after draining Aiden’s abscess, we unwrapped, soaked, flushed, and rewrapped it every day. That was a lot, because it meant going to the barn every night, even if Brian and I both worked long days. Plus, this (naturally) coincided with Brian being out of town overnight for work, me working extra hours to wrap up and launch two large projects, and me catching a cold.

After five days or so, we moved Aiden from the stall to the side pen. On Tuesday, we removed the wrap entirely and put him back in the side pen. Fortunately, the ground out there is dry. He’ll get dusty, but the healing wound shouldn’t get packed with mud or manure or anything very nasty. He’s stopped favoring the foot entirely, and it seems to be well into the mending process. Hopefully we don’t see any backsliding.

The other horses are doing well. We ended up giving everybody about a week off to get over the foxtails. In spite of that, I ended up with 28 saddle hours in April. That makes this my best April ever, and actually ties (to the minute) for my best month of riding since I started keeping track.

We had a few good rides this weekend. On Sunday there was an attempt at an organized barn ride, which ended up not going out due to high winds. This meant we were sharing the indoor arena with four other horses and riders for a while. We all took turns passing the giant soccer ball around and moving it with our horses. Brian was on Oliver, who hadn’t been exposed to our ball before. But he stepped up and took his turn like a total champ. He was happy to move it, happy to stand quietly when it moved towards him, and totally not bothered when other horses had problems.

Steen was good too. He does not mind the ball at all anymore, though he doesn’t love moving it. At one point, another person’s horse got a little bothered and jumped towards Steen to evade the ball, and Steen didn’t bat an eye. I quietly asked him for a step over to give them more room, and he complied without any agitation. So these are good little experiences to bolster everyone’s confidence.

We also went outside a couple of times. Unfortunately the footing is still pretty soft. Hopefully the grass will start growing soon and we can get out of the arena with more consistency.

Horseback Hours YTD: 53:40

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