After a Week Away

We spent last week in Arizona visiting family. It was a nice time. We got to hang out with my parents and my sister and the new Great Dane puppy. There was much sleeping in, drinking of tea and coffee, and lounging around. We also got to spend my mother’s birthday with her for the… Read more »

My 2013 Fitness Failure

I’ve posted a handful of times here about fitness and strength, but I’ve been mum on the subject for a while. Here’s why: 2013 was an awful year for me in terms of working out. A lot of it was bad luck. I suffered a series of minor injuries (for the record, none of them… Read more »

Early 2012 Fitness

I’m not the New Year’s resolutions type. Not because I don’t think I need to change anything about my life, but because I have never once had any success with the idea. In my experience all major changes come about slowly. One tiny, itty bitty step in the right direction followed by many more tiny,… Read more »


Last week I finished my 30 days of 100 swings a day. On my last day I did all 100 with the 53lb kettlebell. That was hard, but it seemed like a good way to finish up the exercise. I really enjoyed my 30 days of swinging. I’m significantly stronger than when I started and… Read more »

On a Different Note

Although the main subject of this blog is (and always will be) horses, lately I have felt an inclination to post more about fitness and my struggle to become and stay fit. One of my big reasons for desiring to stay fit is to facilitate my life with horses, so I think adding the subject… Read more »