A Little Video

Today I had to work all day, even though it was nearly 60 degrees out for the first time this year. I can’t complain, really. The flexibility of my job is the reason I was able to pick up two new horses on Tuesday, then give a presentation at the university yesterday followed by an… Read more »

First Rides

Today we headed out after work to see what our new guys were up to. They were easy to catch, and we took them indoors to do some groundwork. Both Aiden and Oliver need some serious work on ground manners. They aren’t reactive or spooky or violent, but they are pushy, and seem to completely… Read more »

Aiden & Oliver

Today, I took the afternoon off work and headed to the barn. Once there, I climbed into a truck with our barn manager, and we drove north for a while. We pulled up at a farmhouse, and chatted with the man who came out to meet us. Soon thereafter, we loaded these two guys into… Read more »