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Well, here we are in September. I guess we’re just reaching a point in life where things don’t change as much or as often as they once did. Esti is two now, and pretty well settled in. Brian’s job is good. Work is steady for me. Life goes on.

Which is mostly good as, generally speaking, our life is pretty darn fabulous. But as far as the horses go, we’re still a bit stuck. However, things don’t feel as gloomy as they did last year.


Back at the beginning of the year, we decided to sell Laredo. Then after dragging our heels on that for several months, we realized we really didn’t want to. Since then we’ve had some success managing his cough. Brian’s been riding him and things have been going well. He’s just such a fabulous, solid guy at this point, we’re loathe to let him go. He got a cut on his nose a few weeks ago that was right under where the hackamore sits, so Brian’s been riding him in the snaffle. That’s spurred some interesting conversations and comparisons about the subtleties of the different tools we like to use.



We’ve had a lot of ups and downs with Piper. A few times this year, trying different shoeing strategies led to temporary periods of her being sound. But it never lasts. Last week, we had a vet out to administer an Osphos injection. We’ve heard a lot of good things about it helping with similar cases. So, fingers crossed we see a change. We should know in a month or two whether or not it will make a big difference for her.



Our youngest has mostly been sitting. I’ve been on her back a few times, and we’ve had brief but good rides. Mostly, though, we’re just letting her do her own thing and grow up a little more. I keep meaning to ride her more often. She’s got gaits to die for and she’s so soft and responsive to legs and seat. But we just haven’t been getting to the barn as consistently this year, and we always seem to default to riding Steen and Laredo because it’s easy.



My main guy is still doing awesome. We’ve been working on more precision and control in our canter departures, and holding softness at the canter. Even when I don’t work as hard to maintain him as I should, he just stays reliable and wonderful. He’s basically my own personal rockstar and I adore him.

Unfortunately, from a financial standpoint we really shouldn’t have four horses. Piper wasn’t supposed to be a long-term project, and Nevada was supposed to grow up and be Brian’s primary mount when Laredo moved to Arizona. Basically none of that stuff panned out the way we were expecting. (Just goes to show the futility of planning.) We’re going to need to find someone a new home soon. It won’t be Steen. I know that much. I don’t really want it to be any of the others either. But I guess that’s life sometimes. Hopefully we can figure something out.

And here’s a gratuitous Esti photo just because.

Horseback Hours YTD: 56:36

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3 years ago

Happy to hear that things are going well for you! I totally get not wanting to part with any of your horses. I've always kinda wondered how you parted with any of the ones you've worked with before! Is Laredo going to Arizona not an option anymore? At least then you'd be able to keep tabs on him and visit.