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I can’t believe it’s already late August. It’s been such a strange year. Life has been a bit bumpier than usual, personally and professionally and mundanely. We’ve had loss in the family, I’ve had persistent hardware, software, and ISP issues, and we’ve had our fair share of random problems like sewage backing up in the basement and the furnace inexplicably leaking water. I feel like every week I’m telling myself, “Things will settle down soon. Soon, we’ll get X, Y, and Z taken care of. And then we’ll be able to get back into our usual rhythm.”

I realize, of course, that my life is very, very good if the things I’m having to deal with are (for the most part) so banal. I know people who are currently facing genuine tragedy or failing health. I count myself lucky in the grand scheme of things. Nevertheless, I can’t help but feel like most of 2015 has slipped by unnoticed, particularly as far as the horses are concerned.

A mud covered puppy having a ball with two of my parents’ dogs.

Last week we got back from a couple of weeks on the road. We took the puppy and headed for Arizona, stopping off in Texas both ways to spend a little time with Brian’s parents. It was a nice trip, and a great opportunity to get Esti exposed to new people and places, different dogs, and spending long hours in the car. She was fantastically well behaved for the majority of the trip. I think she learned a lot of important lessons. Hopefully she’ll be a more well-rounded dog for all she encountered. She sure is growing fast.

Esti – 13 weeks old

But between the puppy, life in general, and the travels, we’ve not had much time for the horses. We’ve been out to check on them a few times, and of course we know they’re watched over when we’re gone. For a while my student asked me to ride her horse twice a week, which I happily agreed to before realizing we were going to get a puppy. This meant I went multiple weeks during which I’d make regular trips to the barn but not ride any of my own horses.

However, last weekend I swung on Steen for the first time in six (!) weeks, and the first thing we did was walk some very nice no-handed figure-eights. We had a nice ride, followed by another one the next day.

K with our herd

Hopefully with the coming of fall (my favorite riding season), we can hit our stride and build up some momentum again.

Horseback Hours YTD: 87:45

Woh! Hey, look at you reading this entire post!

That's a bit of an accomplishment in our attention-deficient age. Kinda makes me wonder if you like to read things that are even longer than blog posts? Like ... books?

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