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My absolute favorite thing about Facebook is how easy it makes it to keep tabs on the horses we’ve sent on to other homes. This time around, we have the added benefit that the woman who owns the place where Aiden will be living is genuinely a professional photographer. Thus, we got to see some beautiful shots of Aiden arriving at his new home (posted here with permission).

photo copyright Ladybug Photography

It seems like the herd he’ll be living with was pretty easy to settle in with. And Aiden, of course, is also a pretty easy-going guy.

photo copyright Ladybug Photography

Beyond the horse companionship, he’s clearly landed in with completely awesome people. His girl shows signs of being inclined to dote.

photo copyright Ladybug Photography

We’ve had a few updates since his arrival, and it sounds like they’ve already had a number of good rides. And I must say, Aiden looks pretty suave in the svelte English gear.

photo copyright Ladybug Photography

So, anyway, we’re just completely thrilled about where he ended up. We’ve been promised more updates down the road. I think we’re going to see Aiden and his new girl doing some pretty neat things together.

photo copyright Ladybug Photography


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