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As I mentioned before, we got a call about Aiden while we were in Arizona. I chatted with a woman who was shopping for a horse for her student, and it sounded like Aiden might be exactly what she was looking for.

But we were in Arizona, and they ended up buying a different horse before we could get back and show them Aiden. We thought the case was closed. But it turned out the horse they bought didn’t pass his pre-purchase exam, so they didn’t keep him.

Which meant they were interested in Aiden again.

We had them out to meet him last weekend. The student and Aiden got along beautifully. Watching the test ride, I couldn’t believe how good they looked together. It didn’t take long for the girl to decide she wanted to take him home.

Then it was just a question of getting him through his own pre-purchase exam and scheduling his pick up. Today, I watched Aiden’s new owner load him into a trailer, and drive away.

I think the thing I still haven’t gotten used to about selling horses is how suddenly they leave. We had Aiden for 10 months. In that time, I spent a lot of time riding him, and even more doing groundwork and just being near him. I got pretty darn fond of the guy. The reality of how suddenly a horse goes from “ours” to “not ours” still somehow surprises me.

All that aside, I am so happy for Aiden. Over the course of the buying process, I got to know the woman who owns the place where he’ll be kept. She’s a really lovely person, and clearly has the health and happiness of her horses as a top priority. Aiden’s new owner is already in love with him. It’s exactly the way we were hoping to bring our chapter in his life to a close.

Nevertheless, I think there should be a word for that feeling of getting exactly what you hoped for, but still being a little bit sad. That’s certainly how it feels to say good-bye.

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5 years ago

Aww, sad that he's moved on, but awesome that he seems to have gone on to a great new life! I think that's about the best you can hope for.