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A few weeks ago, we went to visit Bear at the therapeutic riding center. We found him hanging out in a pasture with a horse named King, who we were told was often kept with only one or two companions because he had a tendency to run the show in a herd environment.

Being the curious people we are, we asked more questions about King. We learned he is 10 years old, which made him the youngest horse with the program. He was also the only horse on the premises they don’t actually use for classes. Reason being, he’s reputedly a bit hard to handle.

I approached King, and he was happy enough to accept some pets. I asked about his breeding, and we learned he’s half Fresian, half Tennessee Walker. We learned a little about how he’d ended up there, but soon enough the conversation moved to other things.

King did come up between Brian and I once or twice in the following days. We talked about the idea that we might be able to help with some of his problems. Still, we couldn’t figure how to bring it up in a way that didn’t seem totally arrogant, or how to manage it, logistically. So, in the end, we just let it go.

Then, a week ago, I got an email. It was from the therapeutic riding center, talking about how delighted they continue to be with Bear, and inquiring if we would be willing or able to try to help them with King.

Long story short, we got our barn owner’s blessing, worked out the details, and today, King arrived. He’ll be with us for two months.

King is really big. Like, really big. I think he’s got to be well over 16hh. He has big feet, he’s tall, and he carries his head in a way that is very unlike the Quarter Horses I am used to. But he’s sweet and seemed mellow enough coming off the trailer. Although we didn’t do much more than a bit of basic circle work before introducing him to the herd, we saw no major red flags or warning signs in that time. He was a good deal more polite than Aiden and Oliver were their first day, and I think part of his bad rap likely just comes from his intimidating hugeness.

So, we are pretty curious to work with him. They don’t have specific goals or issues for us to address, they just want him safer for their volunteers to be around.

We also have a person coming to look at Aiden on Tuesday. We aren’t even really trying to sell him yet, but the guy who sold us Laredo and Brian’s filly got contacted by someone looking for a quiet, middle-aged gelding, so he sent them our way. We kinda do need to sell either Aiden or Oliver sooner rather than later at this point, but still. I sort of wish we didn’t have to. I like having lots of horses.

In other news, after being sick for a month straight and taking another dramatic turn for the worse this weekend, yesterday I finally caved and went to a doctor. They think I had a cold that has turned into an infection of the sinus cavity. Yay. So now I’m on antibiotics. I haven’t taken prescription medication in about 12 years, largely because I’ve proven to be violently allergic to every antibiotic I’ve ever been on in the past. Here’s hoping this one turns out to get along better with my system.

Woh! Hey, look at you reading this entire post!

That's a bit of an accomplishment in our attention-deficient age. Kinda makes me wonder if you like to read things that are even longer than blog posts? Like ... books?

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That is one very large horse. Most of the draft and draft-crosses I've meet have been super sweet, so I'm guessing he won't be too hard to work with. I kinda want to get a draft cross one of these days. I've had so many short horses, maybe it's time for a really big one. 🙂


He's gorgeous. And you're going to look gorgeous on him. 🙂


I would love that so much. (Although just getting to visit you would be worth a trip on its own.) You'll have to give me lessons, because I haven't ridden all lately, and definitely don't have the knowledge that you do.