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After a week of recovering from the fever I decided to grab Bear and see how and easy ride would go for him.  His fever has been down for many days now.  We did get his bloodwork back and found he is rather anemic, though.  So that could explain some of his lethargy these past few weeks.  We’ll be changing his diet around some and hopefully that will have a positive impact on him.  Then we’ll retest his blood in a month.

It had rained in the night, and we were disappointed to see the ground sopping.  Everywhere.  That meant another indoor ride.  Even with all the doors open it was hot and sticky in there.  The wind was blowing hard, just not in a way that helped us out.

Robin worked with Zoey while I hung out with Bear.  We didn’t do too much.  I knew he was probably still not feeling great, and he has some sizeable bruises from the kicks, too.  So we just walked around, did a lot of bending and flexing and moving of the hindquarters, and a little bit of trotting.  His trot was awful.  Big and rough and fast.  And he was clearly not relaxed in it.  I tried to work through it for just a few moments, but it didn’t improve so we went back to walking.

I definitely didn’t want to do too much.  Though I made a few other mistakes, too.  While flexing and working on backing up I was probably a little too hard on him.  He was just inclined to lean on the bit.  That is very old Bear, it isn’t something we’ve had to deal with for quite some time.  So my reaction to the feeling was to get him off the pressure.  It always worked, but I don’t think he was fully there mentally.  In reality I should have worked harder to not put him in a position where he couldn’t do a good job.  That is hard to do in normal circumstances, but in the hot arena with a horse that I don’t know exactly how they are feeling made it even harder. 

So in the future, err on the side of too little.  If it isn’t even beginning to shape up nicely, don’t do it. 

But it wasn’t anything awful; I’m sure I felt worse about it than Bear did.  I could tell he was happy to come in with the rest of us and hang out.  Also, Robin and Zoey had a pretty good ride.  So far we’re seeing continual improvement in almost everything.

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