Gay and Doc

Three Bay Geldings

This morning our friend Gay was out tacking up Doc at the same time we were getting our boys ready. It was already hot and extremely humid, so Brian and I had decided to ride in the stall horse pasture with all the big shade-creating trees. We invited Gay to ride with us. We led our three… Read more »

The Fog Must Be Crazy

Today the weather was warm (34) and foggy. Brian and I headed for the barn around 10:30 to meet Gay and take the horses out on the trail. I had a feeling things with Steen weren’t going to be great, but hoped the presence of his buddies, Cal and Doc, would get him through with… Read more »


We have a big storm rolling through this week, so I figured I’d better get out there and see Steen today just in case the roads are inaccessible for the next few days. I found him in a snowy pasture. The herds were a bit riled. I’m not sure if it was the weather or… Read more »