One Armed Ride

Today I woke up pretty stiff. I’ve been trying to piece together how exactly I hit the ground. Since I had no warning and didn’t actually leave the saddle before impact, it’s surprisingly difficult to piece together what happened and where my injuries are. I think I sprawled with one arm above my head. I… Read more »

High Tensile Wire, We Meet Again

I’m afraid this post is going to be long and dramatic. Today was a very bad day for me and Steen. And since I keep this blog to record everything we go through with our horses, I’m going to go ahead and tell the whole story. Just to preface this: we are all ok. Steen… Read more »

He Finally Arrives

I know we only had to wait a few days once we made an offer, but it really felt like much longer before Laredo finally arrived.  Waiting just never gets easier, so we went out to the barn early and just decided to ride. Last week, during one of my many sessions of poking around… Read more »

Moving Faster

If anyone has actually been reading this blog these past few weeks they must be thinking how boring these rides have been. Walking around cones. Walking along the strip. Walking up and down hills. Is walking all those two do? And I’ll admit, it hasn’t been super exciting. But I’ve had some annoying foot issues,… Read more »

R and R

Bear and I just had 8 days off of riding. I was in Arizona celebrating Jessie and Susie’s wedding, and Bear was just in the pasture. The day before we left we had the chiropractor look at him. Yes, it does sound a little crazy, but she was very good. She confirmed that Bear was… Read more »

Indian Summer

I guess this is what they call Indian Summer.  We’ve had sunny days in the 80’s and no rain.  It’s October. On Friday Brian and I headed out to the barn in the afternoon.  We kept the ride pretty simple but after a little warm-up ventured past the strip into the soybean field, where we… Read more »

Easy Sunday

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to mention the weather again. This fall has been exceptionally sunny and dry. Sunday was in the 80s, and there was almost no wind. It was actually too warm. I like a nice day as much as the next guy, but in October I’d… Read more »

New Pad

We had a couple of chilly, stormy days so Brian and I found the boys a bit hungry and dirty in the pasture.  We decided to let them graze in the airlock while we groomed them. Steen apparently prefers the grass at the very edge of the fence line.   After we got the worst of… Read more »