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Amateur Vaquero is affiliated with the following retailers:

  • Barnes & Nobe (via CJ Affiliate)
  • iTunes

This means that links to our books are affiliate links, which means we get a bit of credit if you click one of those links and then buy something.

We promise this isn’t creepy. Here’s are some true statements if you feel weird about it:

  • we can’t see any details about you
  • we are not able to contact you about your purchase
  • the books do not cost more because we recommended them to you
  • we have no idea who you are, what you are buying, or where purchases are delivered

The retailer you buy from will, of course, keep a record of your purchase. The privacy of that information rests with whomever you choose to conduct business with online. We are simply a middle-man connecting you to books you may want to read.