Amateur: one who has a taste for (something)
from French amateur "lover of"

Success Stories

We periodically purchase horses that have ended up in a position where, for whatever reason, they are unable to meet their full potential. We spend quite a bit of time retraining these horses and bringing them to a level where they are safe and enjoyable to ride and handle.

We focus on thoroughness rather than speed. Retraining can take anywhere from a few months to several years. By the time we put them up for sale, all horses are exceptionally polite and relaxed on the ground as well as responsive and accomplished under saddle.

Success Stories

These are horses that were in training with us for a time, but have since moved on to other homes.


2006 AQHA Gelding | chestnut

Aiden came to us in early 2014, along with his buddy Oliver. Although he'd been out of work for some time, he proved to be quiet and steady pretty much right off the bat. He's a total sweetheart, and not much rattles him. We spent some time getting him back in the swings of things (growing quite fond of him in the process). After a few months being leased by Brian's student, Aiden's new girl found him and took him home.

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2005 APHA Gelding | sorrel overo roan

Oliver arrived in early 2014. Like his pal Aiden, he'd been ridden a fair bit, but had been mostly idle for a few years. Oliver is soft and responsive, and quick on his feet, but also steady, solid, and easy to be a around. We spent some time getting him back in shape and adding more refinement to his already solid training base. Then we found him a great new home where he gets to be a really nice girl's first horse.

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2006 AQHA Mare | bay roan

Zoey came to us in 2013, a sweet 2006 AQHA mare with some handling issues. As we worked through her anxiety, Zoey got more and more fun to be around. Agile and responsive, she is the sort of horse that never runs out of try. In late winter, we felt she'd learned enough from us to be able to move on and have a successful future. She went to her new home in early February 2014, where she is thriving.

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1995 AQHA Gelding | bay

Bear came to us in 2010, at age 15. He was out of condition and mentally tuned out. Brian worked hard to get him back into shape. Over the course of several years, Bear became more responsive, and graduated to the hackamore. Unfortunately, in 2014, Bear's age started catching up with him. He's now retired to the plush life of a therapy horse at Miracles in Motion, where he is a total favorite.

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2004 Fresian/Tennessee Walker Gelding

King belonged to the Miracles in Motion therapeutic riding program. No one had done much with him for a couple of years, so we took him on for a couple of months to get him back in the swing of things. He was a really rewarding horse to work with, and we're grateful we had the opportunity to get to know him.