Amateur: one who has a taste for (something)
from French amateur "lover of"

About Our Horses

While we often take in horses on a temporary basis in order to retrain them, these horses are a little different. While some of them may eventually be for sale, they are long-term projects. We typically choose these horses based on exceptional temperament or conformation, and our intention is to take them as far towards becoming traditional bridle horses as we are able - a process that takes many years.


2000 APHA Gelding | bay tobiano

Robin purchased Steen in April of 2008. He was 7. He'd had only a small amount of training, and had a lot of confusion and anxiety about being ridden and handled. Quite a few years later, Steen has been re-educated and is currently being introduced to the two-rein. He is Robin's primary saddle-horse. Although he got a late start, she hopes to get him straight up in the bridle before he retires.


2012 AQHA Filly | red roan

After Bear retired to the life of a therapy horse, Brian found himself without a primary mount. He decided to tackle his first colt-starting experience, and brought Nevada home in July of 2014. She'd had very little handling and no riding at all, but she is sweet, adorable, and quick to learn. He's been enoying teaching her the basics and getting her started with work under saddle.


2009 AQHA Gelding | red dun

We got Laredo in the spring of 2012 at not-quite-three, with only a handful of rides under his belt. A foundation bred quarter horse, he is a great mover. He's also a pretty a laid back fellow. He took to his work with very little trouble. Laredo loves sunbathing, snacks, and romping in the indoor arena during storms.